Wednesday, September 24, 2008

On Socialisation

Everyone is going on and on about how the Republicans have given up on the free markets and how we should be embracing socialized medicine soon too. The left is throwing around silly accusations about how hypocritical the right is. So it's up to me, of course, to straighten this mess out.

To see why this isn't socialism let me compare it to socialized medicine. For starters (and I can't believe I really have to point this out, but the left has never show itself to be super smart) look at the words. Socialized Medicine vs AIG Bail-Out. There it is, all spelled out, one has socialism in the name, the other is just a bail-out, not socialization. Point number two: look at where the money is going. In socialism money goes to individuals (lazy, greedy, entitlement loving people) but in a bail-out the money goes to a corporation (filled with rich and thus honest, hard working, productive people).

Everyone can relax now, Bush and company have this under control, and they're certainly not fixing it with socialism!



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