Saturday, November 25, 2006

On Pron

Normally on black Friday I like to support the American way of life by going out and doing a whole bunch of shopping, get the best deals on greenies, chew toys, rubber balls, and stuffed hedgehogs, seriously I can do all my Christmas shopping in one day--it's so great. Today I woke up early (11:30am) to do my shopping but when I got on the internet to see if Petco was having any sales I accidentally typed the wrong thing into Google and then also accidentally followed one of the links that came up. I was instantly caught (all day long) in a deadly porn trap. You all know I've got good wholesome American Christian values so obviously I didn't intentionally go out looking for porn--it found me.

I figure I should post the video I found here so you guys can see it and know what to watch out for, you seriously don't want to get sucked into watching something like this on such an important day as Black Friday like I did.

Click to watch video

Uhm, so since I didn't get my Christmas shopping done today if anyone wants to get me something for Christmas you can get me any of the following items: greenies, chew toys, rubber balls, or stuffed hedgehogs.


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