Monday, April 06, 2009

On Sometimes Your Right

I need to catch up on a little news.

Just to be clear and before I'm misunderstood I want to say that I don't think Obama picks great nominees for his cabinet, however sometimes his selections are very telling. For instance he originally chose Tom Daschle for head of Health and Human Services and White House Office of Health Reform. This was a bad pick to begin with mind you, but when Mr. Daschle withdrew his nomination Obama went looking for a replacement and all he could find were women. And guess what? He realized there was no way one woman could ever do the job of one man (even a liberal hippie man) and so he chose two women to take on the job that Daschle was going to do alone. So now we have Nancy-Ann Min DeParle (stupid name) and Kathleen Sebelius as partners (I don't know why they insist on all the lesbian innuendos: "partner this and partner that", but you know it's just like the gays to flaunt it in your face). Point being, even though Obama is a terrorists it's good to see he's still able to recognize the proper value of men and women.

Sunday, April 05, 2009

On Tyme Off

Guys, seriously, sorry. I can only imagine how hard your lives have been not having me around (especially in such dire times with our insane/communist president practically turning America into the U.S.S.R). But I needed some time to lick my wounds--it's what us dogs do--before I could come back here. You're probably wondering what I did while I was away. No worries, I've made a list.

1. Chased tail (no better way to get back into a groove, I recommend it to anyone).
2. Started a garden (well actually I've just eaten some of the strawberries out of someone elses garden but it was hard work and it was nice to get back in touch with the land).
3. Destroyed my sister (ok so it was a dream, but man was it a good dream)
4. Slept (a lot)
5. Used a substantial amount of my parent's money on unnecessary trips to the vet. (They say I'm the perfect weight, btw, so no more fat jokes guys)
6. Was abducted by some liberal hippies in the east bay. I'm not sure what happened there but it wasn't actually too bad, there were these little kids that would play nonstop and they had the greatest tasting snot on their faces and the guy who appeared to run the place was great to chill on the couch with. Plus my sister wasn't there. It was shocking at first and at times it was hard to hear the liberal nonsense they talked about but I could lose myself enough in the snot and naps on the couch that it almost made it worth while, plus it's not like I get a break from the liberal nonsense at home anyway).
7. Caught up on reading. Only American stuff of course. I've made it through my dad's Hemingway collection, now I'm moving on to Updike.